Call me old fashioned, but I don like it.

Kennedy Tesch mother didn like it either. When the 6 year old Kids Darren Sproles jersey an active participant on her school cheerleading squad demonstrated the cheer at home, her mother was appalled. was in shock, Elite Youth Brandon Graham jersey Jennifer Tesch told MSNBC. Tesch addressed her concerns with the school cheerleading coach and general manager but was told that the cheer was by the state cheerleading association. So she contacted the state association and surprise, surprise: the association director said they don mandate any cheers.

Tesch went back to the Authenitc Youth Brandon Graham jersey board of the cheerleading team, and Elite Brad Smith jersey this time, she was told in no uncertain terms that the cheer was here to stay. According to Tesch, the board implied that in viewing the cheer as inappropriate, she and her husband were being inappropriate themselves. Sort of a your minds out of the gutter type of message, I guessing.

Tesch went to the media. And that was when Kennedy got kicked off the team.

Then the team’s coach grabbed her own five Elite Mens Darren Sproles jersey minutes of fame by going on a local morning radio show and firing back. As MSNBC reports, the coach said of Tesch, “I’m directly quoting this lunatic. She said, ‘I don’t mind the booty shaking so much, but it’s the back aching and the skirt being too tight I don’t understand.’”

Well, guess what? I don understand it either. As in, I literally don get it. Specifically, Authenitc Black Byron Maxwell jersey why do these girls backs ache? Is it because of those too tight skirts? Or what? What am I missing here? Anyone?

But anyway even if the backaches are due to some innocuous reason (pom poms too heavy, maybe?), I still agree with Tesch. The cheer is not only inappropriate, but absurd. And though Tesch decision to go to the media was certainly aggressive, I also believe that Kennedy should not have been kicked off the squad. That decision serves no purpose other than to punish the child, and it comes across as mean spirited. It a sad state of affairs when we can model diplomacy and compromise for our first graders.

So that what I think. Elite Mens Chuck Bednarik jersey What do you think?

I also remember cheers of this nature from high school. The backache is certainly caused by big boobs, the tight skirt is a sexual thing (boys will always look at a firm butt), and shaking booties is meant to attract this attention. I don hate cheer because I can stand the girliness or anything like that. I HATE the fact that our society has made these girls out to be instead of their first roll, which is to help the rooting fans have team spirit! No wonder so many girls are Elite Youth Byron Maxwell jersey raped or mollested in our country, girls and boys are being taught at a young age that cheerleaders and girls are To be honest I almost rather hear my young daughter say a cheer with their a$$! in it than this sexist crap!

I was a cheerleader all through high school Authenitc Darren Sproles jersey (13 years ago) and I never heard this cheer, and honestly have no idea why any squad would use it? When I was in school we cheered for the football team, so our cheers usually included words like defense, offense and touchdown. I kind of thought that what cheerleading was all about? As the mother of a 5 year old girl (who thankfully has no interest in cheerleading) I would be a little bit upset if she came home chanting this. It not appropriate at all and mostly it just plain STUPID.

I saw the piece on GMA seems like this cheer had been used many times in the past and given that the mom claimed she had been on a squad as a kid, it seems to me that she would have seen the kids saw the cheer. This isn the first year they used it.

Am I supposed to believe that that mom didn know that was a cheer before she let her daughter join?? She couldn ask hey can i get a copy of the cheers the girls say BEFORE her daughter joined?!!???

I completely agree that the squad should have kicked her off. The Authenitc Blue Chuck Bednarik jersey kid is not separate from her mom as all moms here know, if you don like the parent, then you probably hesitate before inviting Youth Donnie Jones jersey the kid!! Is that b/c the kid is bad?

How would it have been possible for her to stay on the squad? If her mom didn like the cheers, then why would she wanted her daughter to stay?

The issue isn that the cheer is good or bad issue is one person pushing their opinion on the others. cheerleading is VOLUNTARY don like one place, you find another don have to try and bend an organization to your will.

I am so SICK AND TIRED of PARENTS telling other PARENTS what to do and how to be don like the group, don JOIN IT!!!!!! Don like sponge bob, don watch it!! Don like a cheer don say it you realize that she has given more attention to the cheer with her belly aching!!!

Who are these people!?!?!?! Why on earth would a 6 year old be saying that cheer?????

Are Youth Byron Maxwell jersey these people so dense that they have to poach a cheer that the readers of Elite Black Brad Smith jersey this blog remember using when they were in high Authenitc Youth Darren Sproles jersey school 10 to 20 years ago?? In that case, why not just Mens Byron Maxwell jersey use 2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate? And then throw in some inappropriate comments next?

We like to cheer, we like to shout, when our team loses we really pout. Go Tigers

There you go, completely original cheer that isn too inappropriate, written in 2 seconds by yours truly. Get a life cheer coach.

I agree that this is both inappropriate for this age group, and also with the person who hates cheerleading in general but for the second one, with reservations. . . when I was in school we had male cheerleaders as well as female. . . and they were all great. . . one guy went on to be a Yale graduate, and prominent attorney in Washington state! When I tell Authenitc Black Brandon Graham jersey folks we had male cheerleaders, they are astonished. . . has the term pep squad disintegrated into such a place as first graders acting as though they are adults. . . let let the kids be KIDS, for heaven sake. . .

The only person that should have been kicked off the squad is the team what values are she teaching these young cheer leaders? First off, the lyrics are totally inappropriate for any cheer they more than provocative at best or should I say worse! The coach needs to be replaced and the 6yr old welcomed back on to the squad but the damage that the coach has inflicted on this child will last her a lifetime. No school committee should allow such behavior by any coach and to call the mother a lunatic and every parent of a child on Authenitc Kids Darren Sproles jersey the squad should be thanking Jennifer not criticizing her!

Kim it people like you that condone what the cheerleading coach did what about the impact it has on the kids doing these disgusting cheers? and the boys/men listening to them? But I guarantee if your daughter did this cheer, and got leered at or raped as a result of it, you think twice before making such remarks. As for getting copies of the cheer the little girl is 6 (1st grade at best) I don think she read the lyrics (and her mother did not get a copy of the lyrics!). the little girl simply repeated what she learned from the team leader. NOW WHO IS AT FAULT????? You should not condone what the leader did but be glad that the mother spoke up for the children!!!!

C moms Womens Chuck Bednarik jersey out there up geeez! that particular chant/cheer is very old school and Authenitc Mens Chuck Bednarik jersey as generic as bits , 4 bits , 6 bits etc., and gimme an gimme a its just a simple cheer with simple words to remember. Think back to high school ladies did really any of the wording in the cheers really make much sense???? NO! the thing could substituted for something else tho b/c they are 6, not 16. u r all taking the words to that way too literally i said, most chants cheers are a half hearted attempt to yell fun happy words that thoughts????

What floors me about this is how many people automatically assume that the cheer is about being pregnant or having large breasts. How many of you are or were cheerleaders? Can you honestly say that your backs didn ache after a couple of hours of training or practice? Why can it simply be about a kid who been out there doing flips and splits and bouncing around who now Mens Donnie Jones jersey has a backache? I never was, but seeing what cheerleaders do, I can imagine not having a backache by the end of a game, ya know?

Now, the booty shaking, meh it could be as innocuous as simply relating the moves they make while dancing, as most dance moves require some hip shaking.

That said, I don care for cheering don think it fosters the kind of things I want to encourage in my children and would rather encourage a good gymnastics class.

This cheer is Not aproppriate at all. I have two girls and Id not feel confortble knowing that SEXUAL PREDATORS could in the ball park watching the practice and who knows if he isnt there seraching for his next victime, it could be mine or someonses else litlle girl!!!! For God sake were talking about 6 years old girls!!! By the way siince the coach had lied before stating the cheer was mandate I dont trust a world that came coachs mouth. Its abuse of coach position and if someone should leave the practice it would be the coach that clear shows that dont know respect for parents concern and dont hesitate to use its position to coerce other parents to agree w/ his/hers opnion: punish a little girl. It has a name: ABUSE OF AUTORITH !!!

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