Mass gainer

Prof mass gainer •    Hardcore formula supports incredible muscle gain and recovery •    Specifically designed to support lean mass gains •    Engineered protein and carbohydrate combinations for sustained fuelling and muscle recovery Taking in plentiful quality calories can often be difficult but it needs to be done day in, day out for optimum mass gains. Whole foods should make up the bulk of the calories consumed. Not all mass gainers are created equal with many containing lower quality proteins or being almost entirely cheap sugars MASS GAINER contains a blend of the highest quality most bioavailable proteins and a range of carbohydrate sources to replenish glycogen stores and smooth energy delivery to the body. MASS GAINER contains a milk protein, whey and protein egg protein matrix, that means no cheap low quality pea or soy proteins. The range of proteins included ensures not only a speedy delivery of high quality, anabolic peptides and amino acids but a sustained release of protein into the body lasting hours. Carbohydrate is of course important for energy production and MULTIPOWER have included a specifically selected combination of higher and lower GI carbohydrate sources to achieve lasting glycogen replenishment. 

Mid morning: for an influx of high quality protein an carbohydrate between meals Pre training: for pre fueling a long hard and plateau busting training session Post training: For making the most of your peri training period after your engineered recovery drink – especially useful in a mass phase Suggested usage Dose/Serving size: 100g in 400ml of full fat milk Usage: 1-2 serving per day in-between whole food meals

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