Muscle Effect

•  Enhances recovery and hypertrophy using state of the art protein and carb sources •  Increase muscle protein synthesis •  Replenishes muscle glycogen for optimum performance •  Contains creatine and glutamine for increased strength and cell volumisation •  Added BCAA‘s for enhanced muscle gain and recovery The real aim of bodybuilding style strength training is to expose the body to stress that causes it to adapt and come back stronger, laying down more muscle tissue as it does so. Training stress causes damage to the muscle tissues and this leads to an up-regulation of the hormones and cellular systems that help to repair the cell as well as those that control the flow of nutrients into the cell – but this effect does not last for ever. The post workout period is the critical time for feeding the body the nutrients it needs to grow, speedy delivery of the right nutrients is vital to stimulating the maximum hypertrophy from the muscle and also, research suggests, improves the way the muscle tissues absorb nutrients for several hours after your training session as well. MUSCLE EFFECT is a tailored post workout formula to maximise the speed of recovery and support the process whereby new muscle tissue is laid down after a hard training session. In contrast to many of the ‘sugar and bulk whey’ formulas MUSCLE EFFECT combines the highest quality, cutting edge protein and carbohydrate (PeptoPro and Vitargo) as well as including L-glutamine and BCAA‘s to support muscle, gut and immune tissue health and creatine for power and strength development. This makes it one of the most advanced supplements on the market. Suggested usage: Dose/Serving size: 55g in 400ml water Usage: Training days: one serving after training Non training days: one serving in the morning IN THE SPOTLIGHT: PeptoPro and Vitargo  PeptoPro is hydrolysed casein protein shown by research to be the superior choice for those looking to support anabolism and recovery. A predigested protein, when consumed it is quickly absorbed and produces a massive surge of anabolic amino acids into the blood. Due to it’s unique properties Vitargo not only passes through the stomach more quickly getting into the blood faster and reducing the potential for gastrointestinal problems it also sucks water into the blood as it is absorbed rehydrating you faster than standard sports drinks

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