Protein Bar 32

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, a 24/7 commitment, and that is no different when it comes to the nutrition used. Successful mass gaining and cutting cycles both reply upon diets based on whole foods and an exacting attention to detail. High quality supplements and shakes like those in the PROFESSIONAL range are then used to supply high quality and convenient additions to whole food meals and to boost performance and recovery around trainings. We take the development of our bars seriously with the PROFESSIONAL range bars there‘s no sacrificing taste OR the quality of ingredients.
32% Protein Bar Using high quality milk protein to supply a combination of casein and whey as well as a combination of different carbohydrate sources to give sustained energy release, the 32 % PROTEIN PACK is handy muscle building nutrition in a convenient size. Featuring higher carbohydrate to protein ratio for successful fuelling this bar is perfect for a pre or post training snack, eaten after a meal to increase calorie intake or any time when higher carbohydrate intake is needed.
50% Protein Pack Containing a incredible 50g of protein per bar and with only 3g of insulin impacting carbs this bar is the answer for those looking for serious bodybuilding nutrition with minimal fuss. With a protein matrix made up of whey isolate, casein, whey concentrate and egg albumin supplies the body with the highest quality protein available, this is a serious high protein alternative for the dedicate athlete.
Suggested usage: Dose/Serving size: One bar Usage: One bar 30 mins before training or 30 mins after recovery shake or between meals as needed
Suggested usage: Dose/Serving size: one bar Usage: Perfect for between meals or any time low carb, high protein feeds are required

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