ridal-eu-xplode-photo•    Carefully designed protein matrix for optimum absorption profile, supporting prolonged, effective muscle recovery and growth •    Combination of carbohydrates to ensure sustained refuelling with no energy crashes •    Hydrates muscle tissue for enhanced anabolism
Dietary proteins come in many different forms, with different protein structures and levels of the various amino acids both of which effect their use within the body. Only the ‘complete proteins’ contain all the essential amino acids needed by the body and these highest quality proteins are found mainly in animal based foods and few plants such as soy. By selecting proteins that are complete and of the highest ‘Biological Value’ – a measure of how much of the protein you eat ends up incorporated into your body – you ensure optimum protein intake. However there is no one ‘best’ protein, as they all have different amino acid profiles and speed of digestions there is just the best protein or combination of proteins for that time. By blending a carefully selected range of highest quality proteins the 6 COMPONENT PROTEIN provides the bodybuilder with the specific proteins needed to provide a quick supply of protein to the body that is sustained for hours afterwards, stimulating anabolism and preventing the catabolic proces of muscle protein breakdown.
In addition to the blend of high quality proteins we have included a pair of different carbohydrates to supply a sustained release of glucose into the blood stream and avoid the energy crashes associated with large intakes of simple sugars. Included in this blend is the stomach friendly, patented carbohydrate Vitargo that not only supplies energy but helps to hydrate the body as it does so.
Suggested usage: Dose/Serving size: 40g in 250ml water Usage: 1-2 serving a day between meals or with smaller snacks

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